It’s Either 5.8 or 6.6 Pages A Day, Depending on How You Count Things

October 31st, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

Due to circumstances (mostly) beyond our control, fiction writing has been a luxury around our house lately. We could bore you with a litany of excuses (some of which are, even by our standards, quite creative), but we won’t. The bottom line is that we have to get back to work, and this requires a kick in the butt. Hence, we are informally doing NaNoWriMo. Informal because while we’re signed up and have made a donation, we suspect we won’t remember to post to the NaNo site on a regular basis. Since we are strongly motivated by things like guilt, we thought we’d make our intentions public. That way, if any of our readers grow bored, they can ensure we’re meeting our goals.

Based on our calculations — and it’s moments like this that we regret the fact that we haven’t replaced the batteries in our HP calculator — we should be cranking out just under seven pages per day for the next thirty days. That should land us at the 50,000 word mark. We believe, barring another wisdom tooth making an appearance, this should be doable. The project begins tomorrow and ends on November 30. If you’d planned to have Thanksgiving at our place, please come prepared to assist with things like cooking and shopping.

Because we don’t believe suffering is something one should do alone, we have dragged a few friends into this mess, er, project. They, of course, are accountable only to themselves (and us). The husband has (blissfully) resigned himself to a certain lack of communication over the coming month, and the cats simply don’t care. We have to somehow break the news to the client who thinks we exist for his pleasure, but that’s a bridge we’ll cross when we get to it. If anyone else wants to join in the fun (yes, we use the word advisedly), please feel free. Guilt shared is, well, guilt that everyone knows about.

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