It’s Guy Week

May 24th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

Or maybe just guy weekend. We’re not sure. Lad Lit is dead, though questions whether two books constitute a trend. Gay romance is the new frontier. And, supporting our own reporting (those piles of male reading material remain in place), we learn that men do read. Not about relationships and sex (well, a little about sex, though we suspect they prefer pictures), but about money and wealth and cutthroat stuff. Kind of like pirate stories set in corporate America. Forget yesterday’s hot author, Ben Mezrich, author of Ugly Americans: The True Story of the Ivy League Cowboys Who Raided the Asian Markets for Millions, is publishing’s new darling. After all, he’s created his very own sub-genre and it’s being compared to Chicklit. We wait with bated breath for the inevitable “Lit” moniker.

File Under: Square Pegs