Job Requirement: Must Know Books and Sunglasses

August 5th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

The Emerging Writers Network has conducted another e-panel for publicists. This time around, Dan Wickett grills three in-house publicists: Darlene Faster – Shaye Arehart, Michael Taeckens – Algonquin Books, Ami Greko, publicity assistant – Viking. We’re going to assume that you understand the basics here, so we’ll get right to what we think is the key element of publicity, as stated by Ami Greko:

All of the publicists I admire the most have a great sense of what’s going on not just in literary journals or the New York Review of Books–which are both great sources of information and important to know about–but also can have a really great conversation about music, or they can tell you about the show they just went to see at MOMA. I feel like Lauren Cerand, who you interviewed for this panel last week, has a blog that is a great example of this. I read her blog and figure out what I want to read and what sunglasses I’d like to wear. I do believe that somehow it all comes together when you are working on a book.

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