Just Because We Don’t Get It

September 16th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

At the risk of offending John Grisham fans (which is not our intent), we have to wonder: what is the point of sending a potentially explosive device? What sort of message is to be inferred by the author from a failed attempt like that? It makes no sense at all.

We are slowly coming to the conclusion that maybe there is something to this dueling* thing. Cowardly fighting (and we classify using the mail to hide one’s dirty work as cowardly) is so last century. If you can’t face the object of your anger directly, and give them a chance to respond, what is the point?

* – As we don’t advocate the use of firearms, we stuck in a quandary between swords and words. Both bring with them certain levels of fairness and unfairness. We suspect we’d be equally lame either way.

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