Kate Atkinson Has Surfaced Over At The Co-Op

August 29th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

As promised, and after many delays, Kate Atkinson, the first choice of the LitBlog Co-Op’s quarterly “Read This” read for her book Case Histories, has taken the reins over at the Co-Op. Cleverly, she posted in the middle of the night, thinking nobody would notice.

We will not tell her about RSS…

In her first post, she discusses controversy and reviews and the idea that to be British is to be controversial. Okay, not quite, but let us have our little fantasy. Second post addresses questions…in answer to the question of where she falls in the publishing spectrum, she says:

I don’t actually know the answer to this – obviously over here and in europe i’m established and successful but over there i think of myself as being reintroduced. I’m not in the US bestseller list so as far as i’m concerned not that successful. Was your brief to pick a completely unknown writer? I don’t think of anyone in the States knowing who i am apart from a handful here and there, mostly on the coasts and more or less everyone in Santa Cruz for some unknown reason.

For those looking for other LitBlog news, we, Booksquare (as we would not dare to speak for our partners in crime), have completed our five nominees and look forward to the vigorous voting process. Or at least we were promised vigor. We also look forward to discussing the various titles and how they affected our little world. Soon, dear friends, soon.

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