Kevin, Store Schmooze

March 23rd, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

We look forward to our weekly issues of the Powell’s newsletter — we cannot help but be entranced by the journeys and trials of Fup, Store Cat. No, we don’t immediately scroll down to the latest installment…sometimes we stop and read the other stuff, too. Like this article, which begins in such a lovely, self-effacing manner:

I may look like your normal bookstore employee — facial stubble, nerd glasses, untucked shirt, jeans, scuffed shoes, the little red sticker that says “INFO” on it — but I do much more than serve customers and shelve books here at Powell’s. I get to meet famous writer types like Salman Rushdie, Al Franken, Alice Walker, and David Sedaris. I’m like a Powell’s ambassador to visiting authors. On the side I write and publish stories about sex, relationships, and disturbed people. It’s a sort of double life.

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