Knocking A Slew of Summer Titles Off Our List

June 8th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

Janet Maslin has surveyed the crowd and she’s not impressed. We don’t blame her. Reading her recap of the opening pages of the new Arnold Schwarzenegger biography made us want to take a shower. We can only imagine what actual hand-to-eye contact with the smarm might do. As we read through Maslin’s accounts of upcoming non-fiction reading, we saw a distinct thread: there are no books there. Except for Umberto Eco’s book; we’re sure he actually had a point and through-line.

Far be it for us to suggest anything, but perhaps the trend of biographies and autobiographies of dubious pedigree is coming to an end. Not every single person in the world, especially every single who person who appeared in a movie, television show, made a musical recording, wrote a book needs his or her own book about the experience. Ditto for anyone who has ever seen a movie, listened to music, or read a book. It’s okay — you’re just not that unique.

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