Know Whereof You Speak (er, Write)

June 24th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

A while back, we pointed to discussion on Making Light about a professor who offered dubious advice about, um, exaggerating credentials. Discussion ensued, and we believe the professor was in the loop at some point; yes, we recall his explanation of his comments (rather than linking, linking, linking, we’ll let you follow the story from John Scalzi’s Whatever). Long story short, the professor finally got around to reading what was said, got hot under the collar, and decided the issue could only be resolved in a time-honored American way. Yeah, he threatened to sue. So, for your reading pleasure, we offer a front row seat to a scandal-that-isn’t (or shouldn’t be) and a practical lesson on libel and how it works (we’re not lawyers — thank goodness! — but Scalzi’s analysis fits what we’ve been taught, plus it’s so delightfully readable…we’d be jealous if we weren’t so lazy).

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