Librarians: Now More Dangerous Than Ever

May 9th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

As we now know, while the world was off stereotyping librarians, they were fomenting revolution. Which is exactly the same thing you’d do if you were faced with the prospect of another patron looking for a book “by that British guy. The famous one.” All of this means that if you really want to be radical in library circles (which we imagine are more fun than Disneyland), you have to be a Cuban librarian.

Yes, it’s true (or as true as possible, given that we’re not planning on heading south to do any real reporting): in its effort to suppress free speech and protect the delicate ears of citizens from alternate points of view, the Cuban government has convicted two librarians for the crimes of “dangerousness”. Yeah, this is a government that smokes cigars; boy, those don’t pose a threat to society, do they?

Dangerousness, for those who haven’t read the local statutes, appears to be the act of attending conferences. Though the details are sketchy, it appears that conference attendees might hear something and maybe repeat it back to someone. The librarians were sentenced to study the Revolution. They have so far refused.

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