Library, Community Win

November 15th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

Because the timing is wrong, we won’t share our notions on taxing with you this morning. Except, of course, to note that Salinas has voted to increase local taxes to pay for its libraries. In most communities, this type of increase would be unnoticeable; in a community like Salinas, it reflects a major commitment.

The library issue both embarrassed and galvanized the city:

The city’s young people were among the first to respond, Caballero said. Two migrant farmworker boys in elementary school persuaded their mom to make cakes they could sell to raise money for the cause. There were lemonade stands, baked goods and T-shirt sales. Someone at the high school came up with the idea of selling rubber wristbands with “SAVE SALINAS” on them. At $3 each, they sold thousands.

As for how BS will participate in this milestone? Well, we’ve been known to hop on the 101 and head north. It’s a big state, and we require sustenance.

In related news, we are close to declaring the end of the rubber bracelet. Please.

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