Los Angeles: Still The Destination

June 2nd, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

Just a quick update: ReganBooks is still moving to Los Angeles. It is still cheaper to live and work here than in Manhattan. We have art and culture. We have flowers and great weather and cute shoes. Year round. We’re all good.

The LA Weekly offers up its profile of Judith Regan, complete with requisite snark. Not that we’re opposed to snark — we just take issue with sexist snark. You never see them describing the color of a man’s bracelets, do you? Though the interview doesn’t reveal much that is new, unless you count Regan’s assertion that it’s called the publishing business for a reason, there is an interesting thought buried toward the end of the story. It comes on the heels of Regan’s analysis of how her kids interact with technology.

As to how all these technological changes will affect the market for those musty, fusty, dusty old things called books, Regan professes indifference or perhaps just a total lack of fear. Content is content, whatever form it comes in, she believes, and for a publisher she doesn’t seem particularly attached to the mystique of the printed page. Story is all. “We’ll just change as things change, and hopefully we’ll be ahead of the curve,” she says breezily.

Well, at least she’s thinking about it.

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