Man Laughs at Self, Chooses Pseudonym with Commercial Intent

November 3rd, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

We have been informed that it is cheating* to use the same article for two different purposes on the same day. Normally, we would try to work our way around the issue by, well, posting this little piece tomorrow. Today, however, we have decided to live life to the fullest** and that includes writing about whatever we darn well want.

We do so love hypocrisy, especially when the perpetrator stares his actions straight in the face and says, “Yeah, I did it.” It is the little things that make our world feel warm and safe. Thus we bring you what is officially our second post referencing John Banville. After reading this:

Over a plate of fish, accompanied by white wine, Mr. Banville said he was not sorry about the review or about holding the position that “some books are works of art and some are not” – his criterion being, “Did it have to be written?”

We could not resist this:

He said his next book would be a mystery with a pseudonymous author, Benjamin Black. Mr. Banville was going to use “Benjamin White,” the name of a character in an earlier book, but “my publishers said that was a better name, and besides it was nearer to the front of the alphabet.”

He knows he is asking for it this time. “The critics will probably tear me to pie

ces,” he said. “Here I go on about art, and now I produce this.”

Couldn’t he just explain that he had written it for fun?

“Yes,” he added, “but I’m not supposed to have fun.”

* – Speaking of which, there are actually rules to this game?

** – Unless something better comes up

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