Market Declared Dead; New Products Express Surprise

July 6th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

You may find yourself wondering why we get so excited by ebook readers. It’s very simple: we see so much potential in them. College students could cut book budgets to the bone (yes, that’s our fantasy world slipping out again). We see potential in business situation, for commuters, for vacationers, and…for authors. Many authors are turning to epublishers, for a variety of reasons; many readers don’t like sitting at the computer or scrolling through pages on their PDAs. So, yeah, we’re excited as heck about the potential here. Now if we could only convince Sony (see previous stories on the Librie) that deleting product after a set period of time is a dumb idea. That would be like our copy of Harry Potter (any volume) self-destructing upon the paperback’s release.

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