Mmmm, Goldfish

May 21st, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

When we’re hungry, all stories about food catch our attention. When we’re not, we sometimes find ourselves playing catch-up. So we nearly missed this one. We won’t bore you with all the facts (that’s why we post links to things — someone else does the work for us), but it seems there’s a book on the market (Little Children by Tom Perrotta) and it turns out the makers of Goldfish (not the things that swim, the cute little high-carb snack crackers), which are trademarked, recently noticed their trademarked (we presume it’s a trademark or it’s registered or something) fish on the cover of the book. The ‘Fish rights owners were not pleased. Unpleasantness ensued. Book cover is changing. We like The Literary Saloon’s take on the situation — this story all but invites biting sarcasm (pun not very good, but intended).

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