More BEA Snark For Those Of Us Staying Home This Season

June 2nd, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

We do not often fall prey to hyperbole, but do sometimes indulge our curiosity. Call it our little way of confirming everything we believe to be true. Like when Publisher’s Weekly claimed their BEA blog was the wittiest, most knowing, etc. coverage of the convention. Right, we thought. Sure. Been there, read that.

But what do you know? They’ve actually managed to start off interesting. A Mystery Blogger (should be easy to identify — how many bloggers would notice pink metallic shoes?) and John Searles share blogging duties, and Searles starts his long weekend o’fun in disguise:

The nice lady at the front desk didn’t have my nametag when I arrived, so I grabbed someone else’s instead and posed as Marion Menaker for the night. (I’ve never met Marion, but what the hell, right?) No sooner had I walked in the door when I heard agent Todd Shuster whispering that I was not the real Marion Menaker. You can’t get anything past that Todd. Not that it mattered, because a moment after he blew my cover, I spotted the one and only Jane Friedman across the crowded room. Jane and I have some serious chemistry, people. As usual when we see one another, our eyes locked, time stopped, a disco ball lowered from the ceiling…and we fell in love all over again… (Yes, there is a disco ball at The Algonquin…Dorothy Parker had one installed…She was way ahead of her time.)

Next we’ll be checking the Publisher’s Lunch coverage…our expectations have been set high.

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