More Gushing About O’Reilly

January 26th, 2006 · No Comments
by Booksquare

The husband brought our attention to a new program from O’Reilly (home of the best geek book covers ever): Rough Cuts. What is a rough cut? So glad you asked.

Sometimes you just can’t wait for the book. When you need to learn a new technology right now, turn to the Rough Cuts service from Safari Books Online. You’ll get early access to books on cutting-edge technologies-you can literally read them as they’re being written.

O’Reilly’s online “Safari” service has been a real back-saver in the BS household. Hmm, that’s probably not true. While we have reduced the number of thousand page tomes filling the shelves, we have not actually reduced the volume of printed material. It strikes us that husband has done his share in the piles o’stuff reduction plan, but we have undone all his good work.

Ah, well, that’s how it goes sometimes.

Oh right, we had a point with all this. O’Reilly (full disclosure: our Tim O’Reilly crush remains as strong as ever) continues to prove that traditional publishing models can be changed and updated to meet the changing market. Subscription services, electronic books, cutting-edge (or rough edge, if you prefer) publication schedules. Sure, O’Reilly is playing to its market, but does that mean other publishers can’t steal really great and innovative ideas? Of course it doesn’t.

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