More Seasonal Fun

December 1st, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

As Awards Season enters its middle period, we begin to see one of its most fascinating manifestations: the year-end lists. Humans love lists. Unlike most species, we spend a lot of time ranking and re-ranking the things we love (or hate) most. But it’s not enough to create a list — one must share said list with the entire world. This may be why the humble shopping list doesn’t get the respect it deserves — it’s hard to create hierarchical structure when face with meat, dairy, bread, and fruits and vegetables.

Yes, as it so happens, we did find an appropriately snide and cynical article about year-end lists and why they shouldn’t be taken seriously. Apparently, these lists come with a small dose of nepotism (catching, unfortunately). Also, small compensation. If they’d only ask, we’d do it for free.

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