My true first “Offical” Blog

December 3rd, 2004 · 3 Comments
by Jill Monroe

**Okay, I know I did a mini-blog earlier, but that was more of a test run. This one is the real deal.**

My dear friend at Booksquare has told me the importance of getting my own blog. My theory – why go to all the work when Booksquare’s done so much legwork? Errr, fingerwork.

The truth of the matter is that I’m very, very shy. Okay, I realize this isn’t public speaking, but it’s still being out there. My fingers freeze on the keyboard at the very thought someone may actually read my words.

I’m sensing as I type this that the people who know the real me are spewing their morning coffee on their monitor at my mention of the word shy. Jill, shy? HUH – isn’t she the creator of Big Blue? Isn’t she the biggest ham – the one always charging for the camera? And what’s this business of being nervous of people reading her words. She’s a writer for the love of Pete.

I read a lot of blogs, and I’ve come up with a few rules.

Rule 1: Blogs should make sense.
Rule 2: Blogs should be interesting.
Rule 3: Blogs should come from someplace real inside the writer.

Let’s be honest, I’m a writer – half the time I’m living in my own made-up world anyway. I know Mr. Rogers had cool science experiments, interesting musical visitors and took us to places like the post office on video (or whatever the heck that screen was), but my favorite time was when we went to the Land of Make Believe on the trolley. Someplace real from inside the writer? Rule 3 is just right out.

Rule 2 – when I’m not living in my own Land of Make Believe, I’m pondering why I volunteered to do the yearbook for PTA, the BCS controversy, and why the Tooth Fairy seems to give so much more money to other children than my own. I don’t even find this stuff interesting, and it’s happening to me. How could anyone else?

Rule 1 – making sense – did you read my thoughts about Mr. Rogers – that’s the way most of my conversations are.

Yet here I am, blogging. Believe me, I’ve woken up several nights in a cold sweat from nightmares of scaring away all of Booksquare’s carefully built readership.

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  • Susan Gable // Dec 3, 2004 at 6:13 am

    LOL! I’m not scared away yet, Jill. You know, that tooth fairy does seem very generous of late – not to my kid, he lost his last tooth a while ago.

    Come on, bare your soul for us. What about getting published, so far, hasn’t lived up to your pre-pubbed fantasies? (Or are you still too newly pubbed for that to have happened yet? (vbg) )

  • booksquare // Dec 3, 2004 at 9:27 am

    Oh, we’re moving straight into fantasies so early in the morning. I’m trudging off to the evil empire today, but will check in during the day…just curious if Jill has a fantasy that I don’t know about…

    By the way, the tooth fairy gets more money because the cost of living has gone up. Payroll taxes, you know.

  • Linda Rooks // Dec 4, 2004 at 12:10 pm

    What’s with the Land of Make Believe comment? We all know you don’t live in any fantasy world so TAME!

    As for the toothfairy… sheesh, what a mistake ‘mine’ made. Decision made 7 years ago will haunt my molarnator for a good 5 more years. I wish he had stuck with a quarter a tooth!