Never Enough

August 3rd, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

We’re still working our way to our notes (the suitcase remains in the same position it occupied yesterday, minus the cats — even they realize this unpacking project has gone on too long). There are lots of conference updates and postings and general advice to keep you busy in the meantime. Rather than bore you with our thoughts, we point you to David Thayer who explains, well, not the secret handshake, but the important concept of color-coding. Seriously, you gotta understand conference badges. It’s critical — sometimes the badges are tough to read, but it’s pretty darn easy to tell orange from blue, even from a distance and after several drinks.

He also describes the pitching process with enviable eloquence:

After your pitch, volunteers will lead you away to a crying room. There you’ll compare notes with other writers who suddenly recall in vivid detail what they’d intended to say during the now completed pitch.

You’ll lurk in the hallway while famous agents and editors speed by on their way to the restroom; even you’re trained in downfield tackling, it’s not recommended you leap at them with a story idea.

Sure, we’ve experienced all that he recounts, but we don’t remember it! Mostly because we are the poster child for pitching badly. Blocking terrifying memories is a survival technique.

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