New Menu

May 27th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

Publisher’s Lunch, the daily newsletter, is changing its menu, starting next Tuesday. Over the past several years, Michael Cader has focused time and energy on Publisher’s Marketplace while still serving Lunch daily (except when the chef takes time off). Marketplace members, who subscribe to the site, will receive a special Deluxe Lunch with lots of trimmings. Yes, Virginia, we live in a world where database integration is considered a “trimming”. Regular Lunch subscribers will receive a scaled-down version of the newsletter (the low carb option). In a week where The Bookseller moves toward pay-to-play (yes, we know — it was an attempt at humor) content, this might be seen as another blow for free information, but we don’t think so. Cader has proven himself committed to Lunch, and we expect some will be disgruntled by the changes, but will remain pleased that they’re still getting the news and views they crave.

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