Not So Much Innovative As Obvious

September 2nd, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

As was inevitable, we have reached the nexus of book and podcast (and we don’t mean LitPods). Of course the podcast technology is ideal for delivering audio books — it’s doing just great with other type of audio delivery (the video seems a bit stalled, but we’re sure that’s just a blip on the technology meter; and, yeah, we know). The real story is that we, the world, have yet another potentially copyright violating technology to wring our hands over. Whatever will we do? How can we stop the madness? Can innovation just take a nap until the traditional processes catch up. . .they didn’t have time to train for this event.

In other news (not ignoring the fact that the author in question is reaching an audience, but you all can read the article yourselves), we find that our capacity for wonder has not yet been reached. This time it is the spelling that leaves us in awe. Who knew that an LA scriptwriter would be sensitive to the subtle differences in English and British English, adjusting her use of “u” to meet local mores:

Within a few more weeks he had received an email from a successful LA scriptwriter, Diana Ademu-John, who told him “Your tale’s a bit creepy, a bit sad, with hints of madness and romance and a good mystery to boot – all my favourite things. I really look forward to setting aside my own labours every couple of days, to listen to the fruits of yours.”

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