Off-Topic and Feeling Good

January 11th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

While we have serious reservations about the CAN-SPAM legislation (but we’re a bit of an expert on the whole issue. Unfortunately.), we are happy when the government gets all tough. Finding spammers is not as hard as the press would have you believe, but it takes resources. And, sadly, much spam originates outside our borders (if you doubt this, we will graciously allow you to read the Booksquare spam archives…or as we call it, The Temple of Doom).

But if you have a law like this, it needs to be enforced. Spam harms us all. It costs the spammers nothing, and end users everything. And while the Act doesn’t appear to address blog spam (hello, most irritating trend of 2004), we’re very excited about this story. By the way (and we’re preaching to the choir, but we never know who might accidentally stumble by), don’t respond to spam. Don’t buy stuff. Don’t give your credit card numbers. Especially.

And by the way, PayPal…not wanting you to update your account. Not sending messages about how they only address you in a certain way (of course, the messages don’t address you properly). Not inviting you to login to a non-PayPal site (look at the URL). Sorry, it must be tangent day.

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