Off-Topic Day, First

July 1st, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

Sometimes we must move off topic (yes, we do have one, even if it doesn’t seem that way) to marvel at the world around us. So, we’re going to post a few items that stood out on what is otherwise a slow news day. First story, as predicted (can the inevitable be predicted? We believe not, but we also want to pretend we can see into the future), Jessica (Washingtonienne) Cutler has landed a book deal. Six figures, HyperionDisney (if we weren’t saddened by this state of affairs, we’d actually chortle over this, especially in light of Disney’s, uh, image), agent Michael Carlisle of Carlisle & Company. We’ve read the blog and expect big things for Cutler. Wonkette, whose intrepid (as in she really does go where nobody else dares) reporting broke the story, reminds readers that she had a shot a Playboy too while providing a blow-by-blow (ha!) chronology of the scandal-behind-the-book-deal.

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