Off Topic Day, Third

July 1st, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

We have a love-hate relationship with our hometown paper. Actually, now that we think about it, we don’t even read our hometown paper (The Pasadena Star-News, but we’re sure it’s a fine publication) — we read The Los Angeles Times. And, in all fairness, our hate is mostly directed toward the Times’s website, including, but not limited to, its bizarre insistence on charging to access the Calendar section (we, as print subscribers don’t have to pay, which is good because we wouldn’t). Hmm, it strikes us that this post may actually be on topic because we often want to reference LAT stories, but don’t because, well, we care about your financial situation. We’re sorry for going off topic on our off topic post.

Defamer reports that the LA Weekly reports that Calendar writers (including some nearly departed) are unhappy about how the LAT handles online Calendar content (hey, we’re still fuming about the revamp of the Sunday calendar section — we can’t figure it out at all, and it’s no fun to read anymore). The money quote:

However, the Calendar staff is known to be peeved about the “let’s-try-to-make-a-buck” decision to change online viewing of Calendar’s articles and reviews from free to subscription.

We would add snotty to non-existent website customer service and completely unfathomable navigation to that point, but we always have to take that final step over the line.

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