Oh, Hello, Thank You for Making It Official

January 19th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

We’re not big on predicting the future (seriously, keeping a crystal ball all shiny and stuff requires a lot of effort, and we don’t have much in the way of staff), but we were so waiting for the blogger backlash, like, almost a year ago. Mostly because we enjoy irony, and it’s hard to top the rising number of blogs versus the, uh, downfall of blogs. Because, see, it’s not like one size fits all.

Oops, sorry, lapse into cynicism.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’re not entirely sure of the point being made in the article below (heck, we’re still trying to figure out the corporate tangles behind the elite media, and, frankly, we get headaches). Apparently, Andrew Sullivan is bad. Or maybe he’s a symptom who mostly doesn’t make sense to us. Or is that blogs are over and mainstream journalism is coming back? That would be nice. We’ve really missed journalism over the past ten or so years.

Blogs are, to be polite, nothing more than a medium. People have stuff to say and they’re going to say it. Sometimes, they have sufficient name recognition to carry more gravitas. Sometimes, they’re mimeographing newsletters in the teachers’ lounge. Blog backlash doesn’t quite make sense (unless, you are backlashing against a publishing tool, in which case, cool, that hasn’t happened in a while).

So next year, when blogs are so over and you’re desperately seeking another easy-to-use tool to communicate with others, we’ll be commiserating right along with you. Oh wait, probably not. Because if blogging software falls victim to backlash, it will only be because there’s ane even easier, more immediate tool on the market. And we are nothing if not trendy.

P.S. – If you can’t pundit in pajamas, what joy is there in life?

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