On Futhering The Incline of Western Civilization

December 15th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

The OED still takes quotations from published material which has been specifically marketed at women, including the well-known women’s fashion and ‘lifestyle’ magazines, which represent a valuable source for popular culture and modern life in general. Elle, for instance, has supplied quotations used as examples for approximately sixty headwords, such as: chic, dramedy, high-street, bootylicious, Hinglish, indie, majorly, Medusa-like, omega-6, party spirit, texting, and try-hard. Although Elle has as yet provided us with no first quotations, Vogue has thirty-five, including: beautiful people, blusher, cellulite, launderette, low-impact [aerobics], miniskirt, peep-toe, talc [=talcum powder], and upswept [hair].

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