On Websites

May 28th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

We realize we’re particularly picky about these things — we’re also particularly picky about matching shades of red — but in this day and age, a website is your number one, primary, first, initial, predominant, most critical, etc., marketing tool This goes for authors and agents. Too often, we see them presented as an afterthought or check mark on a To Do list. We’ve been particularly hard on agents without websites (because we assume they’re looking for business, but maybe we’re lamer at econ that we suspected), with good reason, we think. For example, we stumbled across the Talcott Notch Literary Services site — one we believe was launched with much enthusiasm and little plan for follow through. We cannot (so therefore won’t, though jumping to conclusions is a hobby) comment upon Talcott’s abilities, but will offer tiny pieces of advice. First, your newsletter is out of date. Second, the classes page is out of date. Third, well, the site’s a bit confusing. It’s the little things that establish credibility…This service provided free of charge because we care. P.S. — we’re not picking on Talcott particularly — they caught our eye; other agencies should not feel smug.

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