Or, As It’s Known In Our Circles, That Movie About Lompoc

February 2nd, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

When we were a wee one, one thing was certain: we were not surrounded by wineries. Flower fields, yes, but the wineries came much later. These days, people not only know how to pronounce “Lompoc”, but they have also been there. Before, it was just a place one drove by as they cruised up the 101. Unless you had a relative in federal prison, but that’s another story.

Now the world knows about Santa Ynez and not because of the Chumash Casino. Los Olivos is not just the place Michael Jackson lives. Solvang is more than a place to buy pastry. The Central Coast is hot, and all it took was one guy hitting rock bottom and writing a book about it.

Hmm, maybe we should say one guy hitting rock bottom, writing a book about it, and then enjoying the fact someone turned the book into a film. But that’s a really long sentence, and we’re suddenly craving a nice Viognier.

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