Our Continuing Fascination with the English Language

April 21st, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

We were fascinated by the Foetry.com concept a year ago; we are not so fascinated now. Which is sort of a shame because things have gotten really exciting over the past several weeks. Who knew there was so much intrigue in iambic pentameter (probably we should look up the spelling of that, but chances are we’ll forget)? We are committing the cardinal sin of assuming others have covered this extensively and/or understand the layers of issues involved.

If poetry or foetry is your thing, well, you’re probably in the wrong place because we are here only to delight in the surprise of seeing the word “atwitter” in a real life big city newspaper article. Three guesses as to the author.

This week the poetry world is atwitter over the closing down of an Internet site that for the last year dedicated itself to exposing what it calls fraud among the small circle of poetry contests that frequently offer publishing contracts as prizes.

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