Picking Our Way Through The News

October 2nd, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

It took us a few tries, what with mornings not being our best time of day, but we think we have it: HarperCollins is changing the way it does business. Whew! All of those words for such a simple concept.

If we have this straight (and there’s no way of knowing for sure), HC will be bringing more of the activities it traditionally outsourced, like ancillary rights, in house. This means these ventures have proven sufficiently profitable, mainstream, if you will, to merit the creation of internal infrastructure. For HC, this means they won’t be getting royalties from third parties on certain elements (it also means that author royalties will change as a result). After an adjustment period, this should prove an excellent move, especially in the line of audiobooks. Per Publisher’s Weekly:

HarperCollins outlined the results of the first phase of its Publishing+ program last week, listing downloadable audio, online marketing and proprietary publishing as areas that the company has identified as having the best growth opportunities.

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