Practically The Last Word on the Topic (Today)

February 24th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

So, yes, we’re moving on, but had just one more thought. Sure, we could have caught Tom Dolby’s Virtual Book Tour last week. If we didn’t have an evil overlord named Kevin and cats who demand only the finest in Friskies and a novel by a dear friend to critique. That’s the problem with free time, you need it to enjoy it. By free time, we mean procrastination.

So we’re catching up, and deciding we’re completely over the topic (until the next time we get worked up about it). Except for links to two additional posts. One is an interesting look at chicklit. The other addresses the question of writing from the perspective of another gender (where we come from there are more than two!). This question comes up a lot when we talk writing with friends — for us, we’re very comfortable pretending to be any type of being we need to be. It never struck us that this idea stymies some writers. Is this a new type of block? It seems to us that writers of days gone by slipped in and out of characters without much angst about “but I’m a woman, and the character’s a man, and I don’t know anything about men.” Or is it that those authors simply didn’t consider such angst worth navel-gazing over?

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