Public Service Announcement: Salinas

March 24th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

Though it it probably surprises nobody, we are the type to get involved with our community. We have regular contact with our elected representatives (they, we’re sure, would express the joy of hearing from us if they could). And we have an extreme passion for libraries.
As mentioned about, oh, a million times, the Salinas library system is in peril. The community is rallying as they come to understand the situation. But Salinas, if we may be frank, is a community of people we don’t want to acknowledge. The average income of the city’s residents is well below poverty level. Most of the residents work in the fields, ensuring cheap food for the rest of the nation. You can argue your case for or against illegal immigration, and we will agree there are excellent points on both sides, but the bottom line is that the agriculture industry passes on the savings from this labor to consumers.
Salinas isn’t Beverly Hills. It’s not even Paso Robles. It’s certainly not Monterey or Carmel. Increased funding isn’t likely (though thanks to cooler heads, the state will be keeping its grubby paws off more local funds).
Various organizations are sponsoring a Read-In in Salinas April 2 – 3, 2005. If you are in the area (and we do recommend a visit — we are justifiably proud of all corners of the Golden State), please consider joining in. If you are an author (heck, publisher or agent) willing to lend your name, it would be appreciated (see second link). We firmly believe in karma around here.

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