Publishing Roundup, January Ends Like It Began

January 27th, 2006 · No Comments
by Booksquare

Sure, publishing is a slow business, but don’t tell that to people running the show. Once again, we remind you that this information is only good for today. Always check with primary sources before assuming an editor or agent is still in the house.

  • Pamela Dorman moved to Hyperion to create a new imprint. Said as-yet-unnamed imprint will target female readers 35 and older. Fiction and non-fiction. Makes us feel sorry for those on the cusp of 34.
  • Katie McHugh will abandon Three Rivers Press for Marlowe & Company as an editor.
  • Publisher’s Lunch says that “Tina Pohlman will not be leaving Harcourt for Houghton Mifflin after all. Instead, she will remain at Harcourt in the new position of editorial director for Harvest.”
  • Tokyopop has begun a round of layoffs in light of the changing manga market. As the genre matures, this makes sense, though it appears that original content created by non-Asian artists (that is to say American-born, we cannot speak to their backgrounds) is not selling as well as hoped.

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