ReganMedia Comes To LA; LA Shrugs

April 20th, 2006 · No Comments
by Booksquare

In the interest of scientific inquiry, we did a quick poll of our peers to gauge interest in the impending arrival of Judith Regan. Angelenos are, quite obviously, fascinated by celebrity and when a high-profile editor arrives on our fair shore, well, giddy is not too strong a word.

Except, and perhaps we can blame the news media, the general reaction to this news was, “Who?” Followed by, “Does this have a point?” Then the kicker, “Whatever.” We tried explaining the part where Regan is planning to bring culture to Los Angeles. That was met with, “On purpose?”

Okay, Regan says she was misquoted on the culture thing — apparently, she was talking about the perception of LA culture. We’ll give her the benefit of the doubt because we live in Pasadena, and what do we know about Los Angeles?

Actually this whole Regan-moves-to-Los-Angeles thing is the stuff of farce. Don’t get us wrong: we appreciate a good dose of snobbery, but the “New York is the center of the publishing universe” schtick is old, old, old. Hello? It’s a big planet and publishing companies are surviving around the world. New York didn’t even invent books. While you all are suffering with snow and sleet and, dare we say it?, slush, we are living in Southern California.

Which is why we are going to be gracious and offer the last word to someone who is clearly jealous. Besides, it’s time to move this operation to the backyard where the sun is shining, squirrels are shouting, and flowers are blooming like crazy.

“I can’t imagine anyone leaving a good job in New York to follow her out to Los Angeles,” sniffed one high-level publishing executive who is familiar with Regan’s track record.

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