Required Harry Potter Coverage

June 14th, 2005 · 1 Comment
by Booksquare

Probably, if J.K. Rowling called us at the crack of dawn, we wouldn’t answer the phone. But most people feel like the ringing is a summons and to let a call go to voicemail is a sin. Thus, this is how we learn that the press tour for the new Harry Potter title might be a little different than previous outings. Not, by the way, that the new Harry Potter book requires a press tour. We remain confident that it will sell just fine whether or not the author does the obligatory fawnfest on The Today Show.

Rowling has refused to grant interviews to British journalists for two years. Her only contact with the media on the release of the new book will be through “cub reporters” under 16, who will be selected for a “press conference” through competitions, including one in The Times.

It makes us wonder how many balding, fifty-ish men are going to try to impersonate 16-year old fans in an effort to scoop the competition.

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