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March 10th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

Though it’s hard to tell, we’re deep in the throes of research. No, we are not making this up to pretend we have an excuse for not following through on our major (ha!) proposal for addressing the woes authors face due to the burgeoning resale market. We are doing true and actual research. This involves…stuff. Like looking at financial statements. Those are the things with numbers.

There will be a sea change in how art is sold to the public. Likely, this will happen in the music industry, despite their myriad missteps. Technology and consumers have outpaced the industry, and when an industry plays catch-up, they’ve already lost. To do this will take great courage, and hopefully the music industry can find it. They don’t have much choice (and the publishing industry has to follow; motion pictures? Here, the model is different because the creative process is truly collaborative, though most would appreciate a little less collaboration from studio executives). When we read this:

The recording industry is against Pearlman’s plan.

about a proposal to revamp how songs are sold, we figured Sandy Pearlman was on the right track. Maybe it’s because just an hour ago, we were having one of those romantic conversations married couples have…you know, about how copyright laws have evolved to the point where artists are the least of it (though we both agreed that authors still retain the most control).

Yes, we’re still in Texas. It’s going to be a long week. For all of us (though we’ve been lead to believe the food at the EFF gig will be excellent).

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