See The Trailer, Read The Book

February 2nd, 2007 · No Comments
by Kassia Krozser

So this friend says to us, “You know, the problem with books trailers posted on YouTube is that they’re so hard to find.” She then says, “You know, someone should do something about that.” There’s a follow up, maybe a day later, maybe two, “You know, I have an idea.” You’ll note that we couldn’t get a word in edgewise.

This week, we’re celebrating the launch of that brilliant idea — debuts today with three exciting book trailers and plans for many more. WatchTheBook offers authors an opportunity to promote their books…and readers an opportunity to actually find those promotions! Talk about win-win.

Press release after the more… Coordinates Book Video Trailers For Easy Viewing

Watched a Book Video Trailer lately? With the emergence of the popularity of YouTube and iFilm, authors have seized on this phenomenon as a new way to promote debut novels as well as new releases by award-winning authors. A new website has been launched touting itself as the hub for viewing Author Book Video Trailers.

The new site launches on Friday, February 2nd with the premier viewing of award-winning paranormal author Gena Showalter’s video of The Nymph King. However, book viewers can get a sneak peek of the new site and Colleen Gleason’s trailer for The Rest Falls Away now. provides another avenue for authors to reach current and potential readers as well as giving more opportunities for readers to connect with a favorite author or find a new one.

WatchTheBook is built on Blogger, one of the most popular blogging tools in the world. This easy format is choice as many authors and readers already have accounts.

Before, authors generally only had their own websites or video uploading services to place their trailers. Now both readers and authors have one source.

Authors wishing to place their book video on can contact Author Services at

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