Seeking One Ending, Contact Miramax

April 4th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

Much like a Neal Stephenson novel, the Miramax/Disney publishing story is trying to end. Every natural concluding point stops just story of completion and we turn the page wondering where we’ll be taken next. As it’s just another phase of corporate shenanigans, things aren’t very interesting and we’re posting this now because the chances of our retaining interest much longer are somewhere in the nil to none range.

According to Publisher’s Weekly and other sources, the deal, when it’s finalized, will end up like this. Bob and Harvey Weinstein will start a new publishing venture. As we previously predicted (the chances of Disney giving up any assets were minimal), Hyperion will absorb the current Miramax backlist. Harvey Weinstein will retain editor-in-chiefhood over the titles currently contracted with Miramax, fading into the background in 2007. Hyperion will be the distributor for the new Weinstein venture, and Rob Weisbach will oversee both the current Miramax frontlist and the new Weinstein venture’s acquisitions.

Got that? In a nutshell, Disney benefits financially from previously released titles, to-be-released titles, and appears to have a piece of the new venture. The Weinsteins get a new venture and a distributor. We presume they retain some financial piece of the Miramax titles.

Or something like that.

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