Shake-Up on the Charts

April 15th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

I’m pretty sure it’s a fluke, but, on at least one list, The DaVinci Code has been edged out by another title (never fear Dan Brown fans, your work has not been in vain — he still has two books in the top five). Glorious Appearing from the “Left Behind” series has overtaken the top spot on the Publisher’s Weekly charts, and it’s moving up fast on the BookSense list. I guess this is what happens when everyone in the world already has a copy of DaVinci. And what would a bestseller be without a little controversy? Like its predecessor (or make that predecessors in the series, plus DaVinci), Glorious Appearing apparently, um, takes some liberties with so-called facts. I don’t know — I’ve decided to believe everything I read.

File Under: Square Pegs