Speaking of Amused

May 18th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

We choose articles based on a highly proprietary method. A large part of the process involves determining why we are drawn to a particular piece. If we can’t figure out why, the article is lost forever. Sometimes we regret our impulsiveness; mostly we don’t. To give an example of how to catch our eye, we turn your attention to rather lengthy headline below. First, off, it’s not quite punchy, is it (though we applaud the use of the word “aflutter”)? Second off, it took a couple of literary journals to prove writing is flourishing in the Golden State? Seriously, has the author never been to Hollywood where everyone is writing a screenplay? Even our cat’s memoirs were optioned (she’s especially interesting). Sure, it’s not nose-in-the-air literature, but, unless we misunderstand the concept, it is writing. We’re certain the full article is filled with fascinating gems of wisdom, but when we see a headline of such wonder, we rarely read on…why spoil the beauty of the moment?

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