Speaking of Marketing

August 5th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

Just today, we had a pseudo-marketing discussion with a friend (pseudo because we don’t have a clue from marketing), and talked about how word of mouth is really important. And we weren’t meaning verbal stuff. Alas! The media has seen the light. We never got the fuss over “deep linking” — it was always our belief that only those who way overpaid for their home page design railed (and sued) against the practice. You don’t read the yellow pages from the beginning to get to listings for pizza delivery…you pretty much head straight for the “piz…” section. Now certain organizations are actively courting bloggers, those sweet, kind folks who link to articles and drive traffic to other sites.

But like all miraculous innovations, things can get dark. Yes, PR people. Unscrupulous pitches (we now recall we wrote on this topic several months ago. Oh well, we’re over a paragraph in. No turning back now.). Luckily, turnabout is fair play or something like that, and PR people are getting, well, PR’d.

We would make a snarky comment here, but some things are far too easy.

  • Dear Bloggers: Media Discover Promotional Potential of Blogosphere

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