Stopping Short of a Strip Tease (Pun, Alas, Intended)

September 5th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

This writing thing we do, for most, comes with a goal. Have you considered it? Yes, yes, we know you want to be published, but that’s a step toward the goal. The winning moment comes when someone reads you. Picks up your books, drags out a twenty or two from a crowded wallet, and walks away, saying cheerfully, “I don’t need a bag. I’m starting this one right now.”

MJ Rose’s blog at Publisher’s Marketplace, Buzz, Balls & Hype, focuses on publicity and writing. Earlier this week (last week — we can never be sure what with the dates changing all the time), she invited guest blogger and bookseller Nicki Leone to talk about her shameless attempts to sell books. The woman is good. She’ll do anything to keep books from suffering the humiliating fate of stripping.

MJ’s blog is always an interesting and thoughtful (should we be taking notes? Ah, what would thoughtful be, anyway), and we laughed out loud when we noted that her headline for her September 2 entry mirrored one of ours, but for one word. It seems more than one person had Penelope Ash on the mind last week.

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