Subversive Publicity for Lit Journals

July 4th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

For the three or four of you who aren’t reading the new Emerging Writers Network blog every day, we wanted to point out that the latest interview with literary journal editors has been posted (we will not, however, point out that Dan Wickett is leaving us in the blogging dust; that should go without saying). Lots of great, useful information — for those writing in the short story market, these interviews are a must. We’ve discovered and purchased quite a few new-to-us publications on the strength of the editors personalities revealed in these interviews, as well.

Participating in this month’s discussion are: Keith Gessen – n+1, Shanna Compton (outgoing editor)/Justin Marks (incoming editor)– Lit, Dwayne Hayes – Absinthe: New European Writing, Katherine Mcnamara – Archipelago, Lacy C. – Narrative Magazine, and Clay Matthews – Cimarron Review (link to the various sites are on the EWN site). And, of course, we have a favorite quote, this time in response to the type of skills needed to run a lit journal:

Are “truly business-astute people” liable to work so hard for free? (Justin Marks, Lit)

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