Teenage Kicks

October 30th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

We never meet most of the people who impact our lives. The author who made your realize there’s magic in your head. The singer who made you feel like there was someone out there who truly got how you feel. And the person who brought those artists into your world. John Peel was one of the final group. While we’ll never forget the impact of Casey Kasem on our lives (when one grows up in a town with two radio stations of note, Kasem is akin to a god), we think it was John Peel who will have the lasting influence.

Peel died on October 26. He was a British DJ who introduced the world to a bunch of bands many have never heard of. Some of them grew up to be legends in their own right. Some of them remain precious secrets to those lucky enough to discover them. Like The Undertones (we personally recommend listening to “It’s Going to Happen” really loud while driving really fast — it will make you happy. We promise.).

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