That Ship? Sailed.

June 14th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

We think maybe someone said to Robert McCrum, “We gotta get us some of that blogging story.” And McCrum, perhaps facing a deadline and the lure of a good book, did the lazy thing. Fine. He does realize that blogs didn’t spring up last month, fully grown. And he is fully aware that the Internet has always offered innovative ways for authors to publish their work. There’s simply a lack of originality to this story…when we think of high profile blogs, we don’t think of I have a Diary (but, alas, the New Yorker does…McCrum apparently used their article as a starting point for his research). Okay, we even spent a few minutes looking for I Have a Diary — according to Google, many people have diaries. As Sarah Weinman points out, the story is a bit disjointed (we were curious to see how McCrum buttressed his point about blogs guiding the political debate, but he meandered away before we could catch him).

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