The Comfort Food of Books

October 26th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

We’re going to be honest — we are so glad we don’t live in a swing state. We recommend those that do invest in TiVos and employ them early and often. The next week will be one constant commercial. Makes us wonder what will happen to the advertising economy on November 3…yes, the things we wonder about when we’re taking time to wonder


Times like this, when we’d prefer to avoid the world, make us think about our favorite books from the past. If you remember the books of your childhood vividly (and we do), it’s a sign of a great story. And you know what they say: behind every great story is a great agent.

Okay, they don’t quite say that. Steven Chudney at The Chudney Agency is looking to add to the memories of today’s youth*. You, brilliant author that you are, can help. You know what to do with this information.

*Also, some adult fiction, commercial, literary, emphasis on mysteries. One must diversify in today’s world.

  • Pitching an Agent: The Chudney Agency: This new one-man shop is looking exclusively for middle-grade and young-adult fiction. (Note: MediaBistro members only)
  • We are sure the website info we’d normally put here will be made available at any moment.

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