The Corn Is As High. . .

August 11th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

It has turned out to be one of those weeks — the sun is shining (far too much), the traffic is flowing (far too slowly), and there’s not a enough caffeine in the world to raise our heart rate above sluggish (far too depressing). We knew we’d hit rock bottom when we actually caught our mind in a grocery store parking lot, thinking, “Maybe it is the humidity.”

Thankfully, we always have the media to rescue us. You’re never alone as long as Slate publishes odes to TV Guide. Who knew that the publication, before the Internets took over and ruined everything, was a bastion of hard-hitting journalism and thoughtful criticism? We certainly didn’t, and we spent a childhood memorizing the listings to ensure that younger siblings were only allowed to watch what we chose. We weren’t big on democracy in those days.

So for those who mourn lost eras or long for the good old days, this one’s for you. For those trying to figure out why you paid for the baseball package but still can’t get the one game that matters, the sun remains high in the sky and the humidity remains good for your skin.

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