The Da Vinci Coup: Leave No Shelf Space Free

January 9th, 2006 · 2 Comments
by Booksquare

Bear with us a moment while we work through our confusion: Random House will be printing five million copies (give or take) of the paperback version of The Da Vinci Code. Now to us, that seems excessive given the fact that everyone in the known universe already has a copy. The hardcover has topped bestseller lists for years now — is there really anyone out there who hasn’t read the thing?

Oh right, collectors. There are Dan Brown freaks who want each and every edition. And people who were waiting to buy the paperback, though one presumes a large percentage gave up in the ensuing three years. Also there’s a movie (rumored to be the hot flick of the year). And speaking of collectors, don’t think the fun ends with the paperback. When the motion picture hits the big screen (if big screens still exist at that point), it’s coming with a few friends:

That same day, Random House will publish two versions of an illustrated screenplay, to include the film’s full shooting script and still photographs and storyboards from its production.

For those who prefer to read rather than watch, you’re getting a bunch of options:

. . .a $7.99 mass-market, or pocket-size, paperback, and a $14.95 trade paperback, a larger-size version. . .Broadway Books, another Random House imprint, will produce a trade-paperback version of the illustrated edition of the book, with a first printing of 200,000 and a list price of $22.95. . .

It’s not a book anymore, it’s a mini-industry. Makes one wonder if there will be room for any other titles on the shelves.

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