The Emerging Trend

April 12th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

We are going to suggest something radical: reading and writing are making a comeback. We are not suggesting that the Golden Age of Reading and Writing is imminent, but we are seeing an interest in the subjects. When we were in Austin (after the great escape), we spent a lot of time in various geek workshops at SXSW. While the mix of people attending the conference was amazing, we believe it’s fair to say the majority of the group were programmers and designers.

Yet, repeatedly, panelists stressed the need for good writing. The critical nature of good writing. Moreso, we encountered many who described themselves as writers. Not primarily writers, but writing was a fundamental aspect of their work. Now, if we may contrast, how often do you hear someone in your basic office describe the various memos and reports as “writing”?

This isn’t Faulkner. It’s probably not even fiction. But these writers are also seeking out reading material. Does reading in the line of duty lead to consuming other materials? We cannot say. But the fact that people who are arguably in the avant garde are focusing their vocabularies on reading and writing leads us to think there’s hope.

Also a need to appeal further to this group. But that’s another post.

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