The End of an Era

February 22nd, 2006 · 2 Comments
by Booksquare

Regular readers know that we have a little bit of a blogging crush on the New York Times’ Ed Wyatt, the king of the publishing beat — we always make fun of the ones we love. So it’s with giddy fingers that we share the latest Wyatt news: he’s moving to Los Angeles! Yes, yes, we know. It’s hard to contain this kind of excitement.

The announcement, via the always-worthy-of-reading L.A. Observed:

But all is not woe for the culture department: Ed Wyatt, intrepid reporter on the publishing beat, is also moving to the California Republic, as a television beat reporter in the Los Angeles bureau. (He’ll also work a sideline in general-assignment west coast culture reporting, making sure that James Frey never has lunch in Los Angeles again.)

In other news, we find ourselves curious about this “culture” we see mentioned. Seems to us there was another New Yorker making her way out here to, what was it?, ah, yes, bring sophisticated conversation, salons, and whatnot to our lovely town. We remain hopeful that the plan is still in the works.

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